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The partly made Ridas 35 boats are available with the equipment listed below as standard. See Prices sectionfor extras.


  • Light grey gelcoat
  • Hand laid laminate with multiaxial fibers and balsa or foam sandwich core are laminated with DCPD resin.
  • Keel, rudder and other high loaded areas are solid laminate.
  • Hull has separate innerliners which creates galley, toilet, engine room and saloon bunks are made from mahagony plywood
  • All bilge surfaces are top coated


  • Light grey gelcoat
  • Hand laid laminate with multiaxial fibers and DCPD resin.
  • Balsa or foam sandwich construction
  • Ceiling has innerliner mounted with cables are prefitted for lamps
  • Hull and deck is glued together


  • Side deck and cockpit with anti-slide structure
  • Pulpit, puchpit, 4 stainless steel cleats, 8 stanchions with lifeline.
  • Self-draining anchor locker with hatch.
  • Chainplates for shrouds and stays are mounted
  •  Swimming ladder


  • Jefa rudder bearings with Jefa rudder stock for smooth steering with tiller from teak.
  • Modern bulb keel is mounted to the hull.


  • Smoke grey plexiglas entrance hatch is completed
  • Innerliners in hull generating the complete interior and all other surfaces are topcoated
  • All bulkheads from mahagony plywood are mounted
  • Bunk verticals in saloon are made
  • Storage under the cockpit seats
  • Stainless steel base for mainsheet track
  • Portlights in the overbuilding is made from plexiglas material and open able windows can be mount later into it.


  • Engine room is created from innerliner and large hatch is installed with stairs to saloon

Developed in conjunction with